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Terms of delivery contaminated steel scrap



Contaminations of steel combined with asbestos in combination with other toxicological materials such as heavy metals and organic components (mercury, PCB’s and Chrome VI) can be accepted on the basis of individual enquiries up front.

Steel scrap contaminated with asbestos

Steel scrap contaminated with asbestos or materials similar to asbestos from selective demolition or dismantling.


  • Steel objects attached with asbestos materials;
  • All sorts of asbestos, friable as non-friable forms of asbestos;
  • Typical appearances; tubes with bitumen or isolation, flanges with seals, boilers and process equipment, steel frames containing sealant, brake pads and discs, safes.


  • Asbestos contaminated material with no or very little steel such as corrugated iron. Construction- and demolition waste, company waste.
  • Waste with embedded spaces such as tanks, vessels and pressureholders.

Requirements for packaging
Asbestos c.q. asbestos containing waste have to be offered in a sufficiently strong (minimum thickness singular packaging is 0,2mm) double packed packaging or in a big bag, containerbag or depotbag with an inliner, in accordance with statury requirements. The packaging has to be provided with the designation “asbestos contaminated waste”. Sharp parts and such have to be protected so that they can not damage the container or depotbag.

Deviations on above mentioned packaging requirements are being accepted on the basis of individual inquiries up front.

Pre collection of a.o. Chromium-6 and asbestos contaminated steelscrap has started

From mid 2020 we will be operational. If you want to be kept up to date of the start of the pre collection of asbestos contaminated steel scrap, please fill out the form below.

Pre collection