Purified Metal Blocks™

Gecontamineerd staalschroot

What is a Purified Metal Block?


Purified Metal Company (PMC) turns contaminated steel waste into a new premium raw material called the Purified Metal Block (PMB). These PMBs have many advantages over your regular scrap streams.

The Purified Metal Blocks are cast in a brick format and are completely purified of dirt. Because of the compact size, the PMBs can be used efficiently and specifically in your production process. So you will never again be faced with surprises during thermic heating due to deviations in the thermic heat.

The advantages:

  • 100% raw material, it is purified of dirt.
  • High density, the blocks have the size of a brick and a weight of about 7 kg per PMB.
  • Pre-known chemical composition, so no more surprises in the thermic heat.
  • You contribute to a circular process: 1 ton of PMB = 1 ton of CO2 reductions
Purified Metal Blocks

Reducing CO2 emissions

Compared to factories producing steel from iron ore, this solution reduces CO2 emissions by 50%. Compared to the production of steel from iron ore, this yields a CO2 reduction of 150,000 tonnes per year. That is equivalent to the annual emissions of 45,000 passenger cars.

The premium raw material (PMB’s)

The PMB’s are produced in a batch of 20 Ton with a known chemical composition. These are guaranteed premium products, therefor analyses are no longer necessary. They can be delivered per container at customers.

The sales of PMB’s will soon begin.


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