Safety and environment

Safety and environment at PMC

Health, safety and the environment are central to PMC. The process through which hazardous substances are separated from the scrap and decontaminated, and clean steel scrap is recovered, is in itself an environmental and safety benefit, because the recycling results in a large CO2 reduction compared to the production of steel from ore.

Legal requirements are seen as a starting point, and PMC ensures that all necessary permits, registrations and decisions are in place. PMC is also happy to take that extra step to further optimise the protection of its employees and the environment. This is laid down in the policy for health, safety and the environment.

  • This includes, among other things, a safe and healthy working environment that does not unnecessarily affect the environment. All processes, from the entry, storage and reduction of incoming scrap to thermic heating, are carried out indoors, in workspaces where as few employees as possible are present. These workspaces are conditioned as an asbestos environment:
  • They are kept at negative pressure
  • The air is refreshed 6 times an hour
  • Where necessary, point extraction is used
  • Air is blown out only after passing asbestos filters
  • Entering the rooms is only done with full personal protection, including respiratory protection, and through a system of locks.

Other important provisions that must ensure a minimum strain on people and the environment are:

  • Connection of the thermic heating furnaces to a flue gas cleaning installation, – a plant in itself- where various techniques and installations are used to ensure that the air blown out is as free as possible from harmful substances within the limits.
  • Storage of the required (hazardous) substances in safe facilities, with soil protection measures where necessary.
  • Facilities and procedures to secure and keep people and processes safe in case of failure or calamities.

The processing of your contaminated scrap is therefore always in good and trusted hands.

VIHB Certificaat (PDF)
Veiligheids-, gezondheids-, milieu- en kwaliteitsbeleid (PDF)